Who we are

We are an Afrocentric Technology and device manufacturing company providing innovative technological solutions which are designed for the needs of the African consumer. Astro is a rapidly expanding e-commerce company with branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa.
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What we do

We have a vision to pioneer innovation through localized creativity. With a mision of giving millions of Africans access to the smartphone lifestyle and linking them to the digital economy, the local brand Astro is one of the best in Africa offering products such as eShagi, Logic, Genesis and Pulse. From providing online and affordable cash loans through our eShagi platform to providing high, medium and low end devices through our brands Logic and Genesis to health and wellness through Pulse, Astro is the future of technology.
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    Our Strategy

    Our operational strategy puts the customer right at the center of our solutions. We believe every customer counts and can be empowered through leveraging our innovative solutions. We aim to demystify technology in Africa and beyond by empowering even those that had been traditionally left out. We strive to continuously monitor trends in Africa and beyond with a goal to develop relevant solutions and therefore growing our business.