Astro Mobile.
It’s all about you!

Thank you for your interest in Astro Mobile. This website has been designed to give you more information about our company and its products. If you have any questions once you’ve read it, please contact us here.

Founded in 2010 with the Regional Headquarters strategically positioned in Johannesburg, South Africa, Astro Mobile has grown exponentially with subsidiaries in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana and Zambia and extension joint ventures in Mauritius. Today, Astro is a rapidly expanding e-commerce company and a mobile and electronic solutions provider employing over 2000 people, with branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa.

Its mission is to give a voice to millions of Africans citizens by providing a range of affordable, high quality smartphones throughout the continent; encapsulated in the company’s motto: “It’s all about you.” Astro Mobile’s cross-segment product development and production capabilities result in the company being in a unique position to offer bespoke ecosystem solutions that address most value proposition requirements for both the businesses and customers. These capabilities include an expansive range of telecommunication and Information Technology software and hardware products that are managed end to end by a specialist in-house team.

This ensures first to market innovation and a consistently premium quality from research and development to end user or consumer. We intend to become a leading provider of ICT devices, platforms, services and applications that are responsive to the needs of consumers. The Group plans to improve access to smart devices and various applications for ordinary people in Africa and throughout the Globe, through innovative products/applications that will provide great value for money for the end consumers.

We will do this by continuing to develop innovative smart devices, platforms, services and various applications at competitive prices and through partnerships with mobile network operators and other distributors, we will retail these to various customers across the African continent and beyond. We will continue to supply consumer-centric solutions that are responsive to a cross-segment consumer using high quality products.